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I just felt the need to say welcome to all the new people that joined this board and hello to all the guests. Have fun, enjoy and have a great day. :cool:
What a suck up!!!! Just kidding. Yes you are correct sir. Greetings and welcome are in order. Please enjoy the board and have fun. Looking forward to getting to know other freaks like me who like O&A. Well maybe not like me. Not many freaks like that. Well I digress and should stop before I place my foot in my mouth. Welcome and enjoy to all the new members.


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Hell ya welcome all new members
I am a freak that loves O&A.. I hope all of you enjoy the board..You all will love it here
we had around 20 new members yesterday, If you are one of them, take a few minute to post. we are a very friendly board and you will become a member of our community quickly.

we dont bash peoples posts here so feel free to post anything!!

thanks for joining!!!!


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Welcome to the underground Opie and Anthony message board. Also known as Wackbag. I look foward to interacting with all of you. Post it up and enjoy the board.
Welcome all new members and guests.
As a new member, I can assure you that you'll enjoy yourself here; and look forward to hearing what you have to say.
Have Fun! :)