K-Rock Does Show Notes


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I just discovered this over on KROCK's site; dunno if it was the same on FreeFM, but I am completely digging the show notes for the episodes.


It's like a live blog of the show. Fucking fantastic. They need to keep this up for the XM side. Awesome.


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I like the red eyes. Does that mean you're evil? :rolleyes:


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hoohoo, they're rippin me awf raaaabin

i invented show recap


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yeah, i found that last week. at least they've got a sense of humor and they aren't bland, straight-laced recaps.


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They're done by the fabulous Al Dukes
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The daily rundown on the Krock website is great. I've been checking it out since day 1 (of krock being back). However, how about some fucking krock wow stickers???