TV Karate Kid TV Series - Danny vs Johnny 30 Years Later!

Fred West

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It's clever, the writers aren't complete idiots, and while some of the dialogue is corny, the character arcs are interesting. We wind up feeling sympathy for Johnny and Daniel comes across as douchier with age.
I've only seen the first two episodes, which I enjoyed plenty, but it was so easy to telegraph what was going to happen. It's reassuring to read others say that the 10 episodes are worth it, but I've rarely watched anything so "on the nose".

In the first episode he can't avoid hearing/seeing Larusso everywhere, then his car gets hit by Larusso's kid and his car ends up at Larusso's showroom and Larusso pops out at the precise time needed to spot Johnny. Come on, now.

Fred West

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Finished the 10 episodes. The general plot was good but, Jesus, was there some cringe. Every time Johnny was talking to Migel about "babes" I wanted to punch something. The dialogue was horrendously ham fisted at times.

Nobody seemed to respect the Larusso's privacy much. Migel, Johnny and Johnny's wanker kid all turn up there at different times and walk into his back garden.
Also thought it was funny that Larusso didn't seem to give a shit about his own son, but went to great lengths for Johnny's brat.

Having said that, I'd watch the 2nd season.


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Nothing groundbreaking in that, but I'll watch.