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This asshole punk I work with is always fucking off and then has the nerve to tell me that I don't do anything productive all day. Well, he has been quiet all week because he got his ass written up for taking 45 minute breaks, walking out of his department and hiding in other parts of the building, and basically spreading rumors about other employees and managers. Here is the best part, he likes to buy cars and leave them on the street. Well, the local po po tagged him with no insurance, no registration, no inspection sticker and towed both cars. from what i gather, the fines alone are over 2000.00 and to get them out of impound, they must be insured. He is twenty four, has multiple tickets already, and lives in New Jersey. Can you say FUUUUUCCCKKKKEEEDD. Ha Ha asshole, if you lose your job now and don't pay your fines, bend over in the county lockup, the Camden County Lockup. :icon_mrgr:icon_mrgr


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so a guy getting written up for things he should be written up for is karma? i thought that was your boss doing their job.


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One of the pancake titted mid level managers tried to get me fired at my old job because someone smeared pewp all over the bathroom stall. I challenged them to a DNA test to prove it wasn't me. I was all like whateva bro.