Kelso man: Child sex abuse charges a 'witch hunt'


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A Kelso man is suing Cowlitz County, saying he was wrongfully arrested and prosecuted for sexually abusing his young daughter.
Bryce Lemmons, 29, was arrested in October 2010 and charged with first-degree child molestation and first-degree **** of a child. The charges were dropped last June.
In a lawsuit filed last week, Lemmons said he passed two polygraph tests administered by separate examiners, yet investigators "failed to explore the possibility that the sexual abuse allegations were an invention" of his ex-wife.
Lemmons also alleges that the Children's Justice and Advocacy Center, a quasi-governmental agency that assisted with the investigation, displayed "a stunning level of incompetence." The group's role in the investigation, according to the suit, "amounted to a witch hunt."
Lemmons, a diesel mechanic and dispatcher at his family's Longview company, Interstate Wood Products, had sought publicity about his case though his attorney. He denied in the suit that he ever sexually abused his children. Lemmons alleges that his ex-wife, Jessica Lemmons, and her parents "maliciously and deliberately implanted false memories (of the abuse) in the young children" as leverage in a custody dispute.
The lawsuit says the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office, Cowlitz County prosecutors and CJAC all were negligent in their investigation of the case.
Even though the charges have been dismissed, Lemmons said he still has not seen his children — including a son born after he and his wife separated — because a no-contact order remains in effect. His suit also asks for unspecified damages for "emotional distress" and "alienation of his children's affection" and damage to his reputation.
Lemmons' suit also said authorities violated his rights under the state's Equal Rights Amendment because he was singled out due to his gender and unfairly targeted. "A significant number of child abuse allegations are false, and particularly so while a divorce is pending," the suit said. "Men are far more likely to be falsely accused of child abuse than are women."
A call to Jessica Lemmons' attorney was not returned this week. She has denied Lemmons' accusations in court filings.
Cowlitz County Prosecutor Sue Baur said the matter has been handed over to an attorney for the state risk pool, an insurance fund for county governments. Baur said she is prohibited from commenting directly on the case outside of a courtroom.
The lawsuit singles out the Children's Justice and Advocacy Center, known as CJAC, as a particularly weak link in the county's investigation into Lemmons.
Baur opened CJAC using grant money and donations in a downtown Kelso office in 2009 as a hub for investigating child abuse cases. The group, which is independent of the county, hired a forensic interviewer trained to interview young abuse victims. According to CJAC proponents, this step was taken to prevent children from having to tell their stories over and over again to doctors, lawyers and detectives. In addition, the office provided one central place where abused juveniles could find other social services, Baur said at the time.
According to court documents, Jessica Lemmons told sheriff's investigators in September 2010 that her daughter, then 4 years old, said she'd been sexually abused by Lemmons, her father. The girl was taken to CJAC, where an interviewer "interrogated" her for about 55 minutes, the suit said. During the interview, the girl "was extremely reluctant to implicate (her father), but the interviewer was relentless and succeeded in producing a series of improbable and almost magical statements of abuse at the hands of (Lemmons)," according to the suit.
A CJAC report from the interview said the interviewer followed protocols described in the "Washington State Child Interview Guide" and stressed to the girl the importance of telling the truth. The girl "disclosed inappropriate sexual touching by the suspect, Bryce Lemmons, and described how and where she was touched," according to the report. The interviewer wrote in the report that the girl said she'd told two friends about the abuse.
Lemmons' son, who was 6 at the time, also was interviewed by CJAC, according to the suit.
A police report makes no mention of abuse against Lemmons' son, and Lemmons was never charged by police with any abuse of his son. Lemmons' suit against the county, however, says Jessica Lemmons accused him of abusing both the girl and the boy.
In the end, Longview attorney Duane Crandall, who is representing Lemmons, said the criminal charges against his client were dismissed because the case simply fell apart.
"They didn't have anything," he said.
Asked why the charges were dismissed, Baur again stressed that she cannot comment on the facts of the case while a lawsuit is pending. However, she said all members of CJAC's steering committee "still have confidence in CJAC and the forensic interview."
Crandall said his client initially sued CJAC, but dropped the complaint because the group amounts to an "amorphous" non-entity that proved impossible to sue.
"It's a ghost," Crandall said.
Lemmons has also filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife alleging she and her parents coached his children to accuse him of the abuse. In court documents, Jessica Lemmons and her parents called Lemmons' suit against them "a sham."

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Kelso man sues county over sex abuse arrest

By Associated Press Published: Mar 23, 2012 at 10:08 AM PDT Last Updated: Mar 23, 2012 at 10:08 AM PDT
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KELSO, Wash. (AP) - A Kelso man who says he was wrongfully accused of sexually abusing his young daughter is suing Cowlitz County.

In the lawsuit filed last week 29-year-old Bryce Lemmons says he passed two polygraph tests but investigators failed to explore the possibility the allegations were an invention of his ex-wife as leverage in a custody dispute.

Lemmons was arrested in October 2010 and charged with child molestation and ****. The charges were dropped last June. Lemmons said he still has not seen his children because of a no-contact order.

The Daily News reports he seeks an unspecified amount of money for alienation of his children's affection.

Cowlitz County Prosecutor Sue Baur says she can't comment on the case and it's being handed by a lawyer for the county's insurance fund.

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