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yep I am totally excited about this movie...can't wait.


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I have been dying for another Jay and Silent Bob movie since Dogma. Those dudes crack me up. When is it coming out?

By the way welcome aboard Most Precious Blood.


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Rumor has it that there will be a cameo by Marvel Superhero "DAREDEVIL". Kevin Smith wrote some of the best DD stories in DD's 40+ year history. Smith is also interested in making a full out DD movie. Hopefully it will go over better than the new Superman movie that he was supposed to do with Nick Cage. I was so looking forward to that one too.

Well that's all for now.

I know he is gonna do the prequel to FLETCH and i think Jason Lee is gonna play FLETCH. I also think he is gonna do a movie based on the comic The Green Lantern.

Also as far as this being the last film to have Jay and Silent Bob or NJ in it. I think he will make more cause his films make alot of money now and are very popular. I hope its not the last i like all the characters.

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The movie should kick major ass. im a huge Kevin Smith fan...I saw the trailor for Jay and Bob strike back be4 scary movie 2, it looks real funny..

can check out for any info on it