Kevin Smith was Thantastic today!

The man comes in bright and early to spend an entire day with the show; something that has rarely been done since the old days. He's funny, he's knowledgeable, he loves giant pussy lips and the man made Clerks. Kevin Smith rules! And it's so great he came in.


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Kevin Smith's New Book, TV Show & Letterman Appearance

Don't forget the scat sites & 80s PSAs. Very Funny. [nsfw] kevin Smith [nsfw]
Toilet Sherri [nsfw]
fart [nsfw]
funnyfartvideos .com [nsfw]

golddigger jeans commercial

Winnie Poo PSA


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Kevin, you fucking ruled today! Also, he gets to have a podcast on 202? Nice.


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He is definitely the man...I have dedicated my avatar to him since I joined the bag back in 01'


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I always enjoy Mr. Smith. I was hysterical during that Winnie the Pooh PSA stuff...


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K Smith rox hard in all aspects of entertainment and art.

he is an amazingly great guest
he is an amazingly great writer
he is an amazingly great director

i have mad respect for the dude.


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Fuck, he was great today. I wish he'd come back every month.


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Kevin Smith is always awesome. If Jimmy ever gets a break like he did for Lucky Louie, I hope O&A keep Kevin in mind for a guest 3rd mic spot.


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Kevin Smith and the boys have this natural rapport, easily moving from one insane topic to the next, while providing a hysterical running commentary. There was a natural flow today, the kind you might have with some buddies over a few beers. This is why I dig the show.


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Kevin kicks ass always.


One of my favorite guests, you have to love that he spends the whole fucking day in with them.


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I gotta tip my cap to Kevin Smith, Ant, and Lil Jimmy for almost making me hit a tree during my lunch break with the Pooh PSAs
That Winnie the Pooh shit was funny as hell.
"don't be such a rat fuck, piglet"

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Kevin needs to be an uber-regular on the show.

He is the SHIT!
Seriously, it's almost a shame he's too big to be a real regular, he fits in so well and can play off anything they throw at him.

There's a reason the man does 8 hour Q and A sessions, he's just a fantastic public speaker, and he's filthy.