Kevorkian to run for Congress


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Metro News Source:
>>Kevorkian Readying Run For House Of Representatives

(Pontiac, MI) -- "Doctor Death" may soon make his way to Capitol Hill. The "Oakland Press" reports assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian will run for Congress in Michigan. Kevorkian will run as an independent for the seat held by Republican Joe Knollenberg. He will need to gather three-thousand signatures to make it onto the November ballot. After serving eight years in prison for second degree murder, the 79-year-old was released from prison last year.

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I'd vote for him. I always admired what he did.


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At least he has a 100% better chance than Ron Paul.
Damn, I'm 4 miles from being in the district he's running for.


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Stop it. Isn't there a law that you can't hold federal office if you've been convicted of a felony?