Kfc Japan's Bacon Potato Fritters


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KFC Japan's Bacon Potato Fritters Look Pretty Awesome

Posted: 09/24/2012 12:12 pm EDT

The website Brand Eating brings word that KFC Japan is offering a limited time item of bacon potato fritters. Essentially, it's mashed potatoes mixed with bacon, herbs and sour cream that are then battered and fried.
We've got to agree with Brand Eating that this item sounds pretty good (better than KFC Singapore's Shrimp Stars and Fish Donuts at least) -- it would certainly be a departure for this to appear on an American menu, but it does combine a lot of America's favorite foods. And, think about how many other successful potato and bacon fried combos already exist in the States? We're totally ready for the next level.
Check it out:

That does look pretty fucking yummy.
Ya they always tailor the menu to the country... was watching Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon goes "what do you think I am a chef from McDonalds?" Gather he doesn't know how much and executive/development chef makes for a huge multinational like that.
Looks like they have a "Good Morning Burger" in Japan...

"Large Tsukimi Burger (Tsuki-bi Dai)" The two 1/4 pounds beef patty which is equivalent to approximately 2.5 times per Tama Beef Patty, normal, Cheddar cheese and smoky bacon one, there was a trolley, I seasoned with tomato sauce original Aurora (mayonnaise type sauce ketchup). I am a dish that can be enjoyed even more a sense of taste and volume of "Tsukimi Burger".