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Here's Jim Carrey and Others Shooting 'Kick-Ass 2'

September 24, 2012 / donald faison, image, jeff wadlow, jim carrey, kick-ass 2: balls to the wall, lindy booth, movie, robert emms

Though he only officially signed on to play Colonel Stars less than three weeks ago, already Jim Carrey is already camo'ed out and holding a hot dog on the streets of Toronto, shooting Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall and looking like the backwoods' hammiest militia leader. Here are some photos and video from the film's set, where photographers also got a look at Lindy Booth's Night Bitch and Robert Emms's Insect Man. Director Jeff Wadlow also tweeted a first look at former Scrubs star Donald Faison as Doctor Gravity, which you can similarly see below. If you like the looks of what you see, feel free to describe it as "kick-ass." The relevancy will not be lost on us.



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Carrey looks as if he has his Riddler mask again. Glad to hear Mintz-Plasse is back. He might add some humor.


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Anyone have a cbr version of the comic? I had the first comics, but lost them all a couple years back. I really want to read the new one, but I'm just a poor sonofabitch anymore.


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I kind of liked the second comic as much as the first. But the movie was totally better.


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I read all 7 parts of Kick Ass 2 earlier today.
It's fucking brutal. Gonna be a great movie if they stick to the book. I'm excited to see a lot of the new characters.

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.

I'm in. Dug the comics (yay for R8pe scenes!) and apparently it makes an appearance.

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Jim Carrey is virtually unrecognizable.... This gives me hope.
Can we start the official countdown until Chloe Grace Mortz is legal? She's gonna be beautiful.

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
And she's already got such a potty mouth
I stick my hog in a potty. Not in the water of course. So if I can stick my babymaker in a potty, there's a direct correlation between her giving me head. I see no problems with this line of thinking.

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Jim Carrey is virtually unrecognizable.... This gives me hope.
I had no clue that was JC. That's fucking Oscar worthy for his ability to not be typical Jim Carrey.

Holy shit, this looks awesome.


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I stick my hog in a potty. Not in the water of course. So if I can stick my babymaker in a potty, there's a direct correlation between her giving me head. I see no problems with this line of thinking.
Makes sense
Looks good. I loved the first one and this doesn't seem to deviate from the tone of it.


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Mark Millar Responds To Jim Carrey's "Change Of Heart" About His Role In KICK-ASS 2
Earlier today, Kick-Ass 2 star Jim Carrey issued some Tweets indicating that the tragic events of "Sandy Hook" had led to him making the decision to distance himself from the movie. Now comic book creator and writer Mark Millar has responded to the actor.
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By Josh Wilding - 6/23/2013
As you will already know by now, Jim Carrey has decided to not "support" Kick-Ass 2 due to the "level of violence" in the movie. This presumably means that he won't be helping to promote the movie in any way this summer and was an unexpected move to say the least. The news has led to a very vocal response from CBM's readers so far - you can check them out HERE - with many arguing that Carrey knew what he was signing up for when he read the screenplay, and so it seems odd that an unrelated real life tragedy (many similar incidents sadly also took place before "Sandy Hook") would now prompt him to react this way. Well, creator and writer Mark Millar obviously has something to say about all of this and you can read his statement in full below.

First off, I love Jim Carrey. When producer Matthew Vaughn and director Jeff Wadlow called me up and suggested we do a conference call with him to talk about the sequel to the 2010 original I was genuinely excited. Like you, I love Eternal Sunshine, Man on the Moon and The Truman Show. Carrey is an actor like no other, an unpredictable force of nature who brings a layered warmth and humanity to his work as well as that unstoppable energy he's always been renowned for. He had lunch with Matthew around the time of the first movie and dug it so much he appeared that night on Conan O'Brien DRESSED as Kick-Ass, singing a duet with Conan dressed as Superman. Vaughn and I made a mental note to work with this guy as soon as possible as we're both huge admirers.

Cut to almost three years later and I'm sitting in a screening room in London watching what I think is one of Carrey's best-ever performances. I'd seen Kick-Ass 2 in many forms, but this was the absolute final cut complete with opening titles, music and a terrific post-credit sequence you're all going to love. I couldn't be happier with this picture. It's as good as the original and in many ways BIGGER as it expands upon the universe and really takes things to the next level. There are a lot of stand-outs in the sequel, every actor really firing on full cylinders and an amazing script that moves like a rocket. But Carrey in particular is magnificent. He's never done anything like this before and even from the trailer, with his masked dog sidekick specially trained to munch criminal balls, you can see that something really fun and special is happening here. Colonel Stars and Stripes is so charismatic and all his scenes are up there with Nic Cage's amazing turn as Big Daddy in the original... which made it all the more surprising when Jim announced tonight that the gun-violence in Kick-Ass 2 has made him withdraw his support from the picture.

As you may know, Jim is a passionate advocate of gun-control and I respect both his politics and his opinion, but I'm baffled by this sudden announcement as nothing seen in this picture wasn't in the screenplay eighteen months ago. Yes, the body-count is very high, but a movie called Kick-Ass 2 really has to do what it says on the tin. A sequel to the picture that gave us HIT-GIRL was always going to have some blood on the floor and this should have been no shock to a guy who enjoyed the first movie so much. My books are very hardcore, but the movies are adapted for a more mainstream audience and if you loved the tone of the first picture you're going to eat this up with a big, giant spoon. Like Jim, I'm horrified by real-life violence (even though I'm Scottish), but Kick-Ass 2 isn't a documentary. No actors were harmed in the making of this production! This is fiction and like Tarantino and Peckenpah, Scorcese and Eastwood, John Boorman, Oliver Stone and Chan-Wook Park, Kick-Ass avoids the usual bloodless body-count of most big summer pictures and focuses instead of the CONSEQUENCES of violence, whether it's the ramifications for friends and family or, as we saw in the first movie, Kick-Ass spending six months in hospital after his first street altercation. Ironically, Jim's character in Kick-Ass 2 is a Born-Again Christian and the big deal we made of the fact that he refuses to fire a gun is something he told us attracted him to the role in the first place.

Ultimately, this is his decision, but I've never quite bought the notion that violence in fiction leads to violence in real-life any more than Harry Potter casting a spell creates more Boy Wizards in real-life. Our job as storytellers is to entertain and our toolbox can't be sabotaged by curtailing the use of guns in an action-movie. Imagine a John Wayne picture where he wasn't packing or a Rocky movie where Stallone wasn't punching someone repeatedly in the face. Our audience is smart enough to know they're all pretending and we should instead just sit back and enjoy the serotonin release of seeing bad guys meeting bad ends as much as we enjoyed seeing the Death Star exploding. The action in Kick-Ass 2 is like nothing you've ever seen before. The humour, the characters, the heart and the set-pieces are all things we're very proud of and the only warning I'd really include is that it's almost TOO EXCITING. Kick-Ass 2 is fictional fun so let's focus our ire instead of the real-life violence going on in the world like the war in Afghanistan, the alarming tension in Syria right now and the fact that Superman just snapped a guy's [frick]ing neck.

Jim, I love ya and I hope you reconsider for all the above points. You're amazing in this insanely fun picture and I'm very proud of what Jeff, Matthew and all the team have done here. Love and Peace, Mark Millar @mrmarkmillar​


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1. Lee Daniels' The Butler -- $25 million
2. We're the Millers -- $17.8 million
3. Elysium -- $13.6 million
4. Kick-Ass 2 -- $13.5 million
5. Planes -- $13.1 million
6. Jobs -- $6.7 mil
7. Paranoia -- $3.5 mil
8. Blue Jasmine -- $2.5 mil (limited) 28%
Why do black people always have to put their names in front of their movies? It can't just be The Butler? It has to be Lee Daniels' The Butler?


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So do we fap about Hit Girl or not?


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I wasn't asking. Just confirming fappability.