Kid Rock is Banging Pamela Anderson

Holy Shit i was amazed to learn this. I just found out on AOL there is a picture of them together and AOL says they have been with each other for a few months now. Let me ask you peeps a question is there anyone in Hollywood now that she hasnt fucked?
Who can keep up with these wacky celebs? I thought Kid was going out with Sheryl Crow now. Maybe she wasn't slutty enough.
I'll bet she hasn't F-ed Louie Anderson yet.

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he is an ugly bastard! I guess I have to become a rock star so I can have her too..


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It's sad. All the hot bitches in Hollywood like the ugly musicians. I remember Julia Roberts going out with Lyle lovitt. I was pissed with that. I used to be in love with her. Actually she still is hot.

Pamela Anderson has been pounded by more Rock stars than a set of Pearl drums. She must have a loose hole. She definetly likes it in the ass. She just has that dirty girl look. :D

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