Kid Throws Eggs, Cops Strip Him

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S.I. cops strip, strand boy after he's found tossing eggs


Friday, November 2nd 2007, 4:00 AM

Rayshawn Moreno, 14, meets with Internal Affairs Bureau officer last night over treatment by Staten Island cops.

Two Staten Island cops are in hot water for trying to scare a 14-year-old boy they caught tossing eggs on Halloween by stripping off his clothes and dumping him in a desolate area, a police source and family members said.

Officers Thomas Elliassen and Michael Danese caught the prankster throwing eggs at cars in a 120th Precinct neighborhood about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, the source said.

The cops drove the teen to a swampy area of the 122nd Precinct, dropped him off wearing only boxer shorts and socks and left, the source said.

The boy, Rayshawn Moreno of Graniteville, walked to a Burlington Coat Factory store on South Ave. and asked a security guard there to call his parents, who picked him up, his dad said.

"Rayshawn was taken to a secluded, remote area, stripped of his clothes, beaten by the officers and left for dead," said his father, James Hezel.

The cops later told their supervisor that they dropped the kid off to scare him, the source said. They said they returned to find him later but that he was gone, the source said.

"He is shaken up. He is scared. He is terrified," Hezel said of his son, a freshman at Port Richmond High School.

Elliassen and Danese were put on modified duty. Their guns were taken away, and they were both working behind desks, the source said.

"The officers were placed on modified assignment based on a complaint made and the matter is under investigation," an NYPD spokesman said.

Internal Affairs Bureau detectives interviewed the boy and his mother last night.

Hezel said he believed the officers, who are white, picked on his son because the teen is black.

"There's still racism in the New York Police Department, especially in Staten Island
," the father said.
The cops were stupid but does everything always have to come down to race?


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This has to be bullshit. Those cops can't be that fucking stupid, they just can't.


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A. it is true

B. I found this story fucking hysterical, fuck this little kid

It is fucked up but the statement by the father was that the cops stripped him, beat him and left him for dead.... which is bull shit IMO, the made get down to his draws and left him in the woods