Kiddie Stripper Pole Classes..had to be in the top 5 Of Poor Parenting Decisions


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A Canadian dance studio is offering pole dancing classes for children as young as 5 years old, CTV News reports.Twisted Grip Dance & Fitness
, in Duncan, British Columbia, has in its lineup a pole dancing class it calls “Little Spinners,” geared toward boys and girls of all ages, owner Kristy Craig tells CTV.

Craig said she introduced the class because existing clients wanted it, and so far three girls and one boy have registered for classes, which start on Sept. 22. Her youngest student is 5 years old, the oldest is about 12 years old.
Craig says there's nothing sexual about the class, but the front page of the studio's website shows sexy, sparkly high-heeled shoes for sale for performers, reports.

The children's pole dancing class will reportedly offer moves similar to those used in the adult classes.

"It's pure fitness and strength and fun," Craig told the CBC. "I mean kids love climbing trees. They will climb anything."

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Child psychologist Dr. Derek Swain tells CTV News he doesn’t see a problem with pole dancing purely as a physical activity, but warns it could cause bullying and even increase the likelihood of girls becoming strippers when they’re older because of its ties with the sex industry.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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Remove the formatting when you quote articles. It will make the text readable. It's the two a's with an x through it.


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The parent who enroll their kids in this class should have their kids taken away.

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Canadian parents sure are in a rush to get their kids to bring home the bread.
Well if they are in Toronto they will have to come up with a $354 (per year) Burlesque license fee... and holy shit the license fee for a "Adult Entertainment Parlour" is $11K and the same fee for a "Body Rub Parlour"...


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I don't understand the problem here. Clearly you people have never seen Footloose.


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"Little Spinners" is being offered at the "Turkey Foot Dancing School"

The same fat single mothers that enroll their sons in tap dancing classes.
They also have Slutty Brownie basking classes, and "Selling Custom Hair Bows and Me" instructional lectures.


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This is the way it has to be what with banning foreign talent and all.