Kid's Homemade Spaceship Bunk Bed


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So Many Buttons!: Kid's Homemade Spaceship Bunk Bed

December 27, 2012 / NASA, OMG i looooooove pushing buttons (especially big red ones labled 'DO NOT TOUCH'), bed, bunk beds, buttons, buttons and levers, count me in, homemade, i love playing space, i miss bunk beds, if the ceiling in my apartment was even one foot higher i would seriously have bunk beds in my office (well -- if i had an office too), mashing things, playing space, spaceship

Ahahahaha, that's how I stare too!
This is the spaceship bunk bed built by a loving father for his five-year old son, Finn. The command center with all the buttons and switches is actually an old video switcher from a local TV station that Finn's dad's buddy pulled out of the dumpster behind their building. You know what they say: one local news station's old video switcher is some otherkid's fake rocketship cockpit. "Nobody says that." You watch -- it's gonna be like the YOLO of 2013. Man, I wish I had a rocketship bed.
Me: This is Spaceship Starrytits, come in Uranus.
Me: I couldn't hear you, please repeat, over.
*roommate bursts through door with knife*
Me: Copy that, moving to radio silence.
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So BIV, is this what you got when you googled "little boy + top bunk + red rocket + tight spaces?"