King Mo Lawal was released


I have a lot of business with the Chinese
King Mo Lawal was released from his Zuffa contract earlier today as confirmed by Dana White.
Lawal had his hearing today before the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding his positive test for Drostanolone after his 1/7 win over Lorenz Larkin on a Strikeforce show. Lawal was a former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion who was in line to fight again for the title before his positive test and then a series of major health issues that included multiple knee surgeries and recurring staph infection threatned not only his career, but he nearly lost his leg.
Lawal was suspended for 9 months and fined $39,000 at the hearing, where he claimed his positive test was due to a contaminated supplement.
It was not the suspension that cost him his job, but a Twitter remark from later in the day where he said, "I shoulda stayed home Lol, NSAC had they mind made up b4 we got there! Lol All the research we did and disclosed to em! They ignored! LOL. . . I honestly feel like Lundvall (commissioner Pat Lundvall) was a racist bitch asking me if I can read or speak English. Go on somewhere with that bullshit bitch!!!"
It is a basic question asked at hearings that fighter are asked if they can read or speak English.
Oh well. UFC/Strikeforce doesn't need another midcard light heavy anyway.