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Kirk Angel won his first match , eliminating Christian. What's up with Shane helping him? I am predicting Angle will win it.

I hope Stonecold defies the odds and kicks those two canadians asses. Except he is bothering me with his close relationship with Vance Mcmannis, did you guys here him say he loved him. It's getting alittle scary now. ;)


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booker t was great last night i wonder what he is going to do tonighton raw
and i know that the undertaker is going to kick ddp ass al over raw
Seeing Booker T last night was great, but Booker T was far from great. He overshot the table spot with Austin and messed him up real bad. Austin might have broken something in his hand breaking the fall and really messed up his back. Both Austin and Angle went to the hospital after the show. Angle went to get his eyelid sewn back up and to make sure he didn't have another concussion. This whole invasion might be a lot easier for Shane and wCw since all the WWF top guys are gonna be on the shelf.


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Good point. I think your right. I haven't read anything, but it did look like Austin was favoring his right arm and hand. I hope he's able to make it to Raw tonight.


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Originally posted by imoverherenow:
<STRONG>Austin is a fag now i think.</STRONG>
Ok I have not watched Wrestelin that much but why do you say that IOHN?
He is in love with Vince McMahon and is always looking for him and hugging him and giving him gifts. He also told Vince to either pick him or his wife.