KKK site


Yeah....Wait What?
If your pissed off with all this shit going on and wanna take some action check out this kkk site[nsfw]k-k-k.com[/nsfw]



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Wow, that's really racist. I can't believe people still think that way. Well the first amendment protects their right to I guess.


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its starting to kick back up down here, they are doing big segments on them on the news


Yeah....Wait What?
Im surprised Sharpton hasn't said anything about these sites or maybe he actually likes to view these and just sit back and learn more about whats taking place


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damn, everyone should sign their local friendly ****** up for that site


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yeh but can you actually dispute anything they said on that site. you got to admit, they have a point.
My grandfather was part black..... I find that site disgusting on many many levels.

(the black part was a toe.... he broke it once, and it was always a little black under the nail forever after)
I knew I shouldn't have, but I clicked anyway. And I hate to say it, but I couldn't agree more with what they have there. :action-sm

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You Mother Fuckers!!!!!!!!! I am adopted, with a little bit of eggplant in me that is not right.


your a jackass.


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I had to watch that twice , to make sure I got the message THEY are trying to preach. Nice find sir.:action-sm:action-sm


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And for some damn reason I keep clicking.


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im on my work computer, anyone want to share what is on that site?


Doesn't need your acknowledgement on Twitter
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You'll have to wait till you get home to view it I'm afraid... And don't kill the bit.


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Thanks pal. I opened that with my kids sitting next to me.