Knicks trying to make Deals

NEW YORK -- The Knicks have been shopping Charlie Ward and Glen Rice for more than a week in a four-team deal that could materialize as early as Friday, the New York Post reported.

Awaiting the green light from Madison Square Garden boss James Dolan, whom Knicks GM Scott Layden met Thursday at an undisclosed, out-of-state location, the four-team swap would see Rice headed to Houston for Shandon Anderson and Ward going to the Warriors in exchange for Adonal Foyle, the newspaper reported. The Knicks would also land Howard Eisley from the Mavericks, who are trying to make room under their salary cap for free-agents like Tim Hardaway to change the face of the Knick lineup.

The deal is contingent on all four teams moving players around in tandem in a new tactic that has developed as general managers are getting creative in their ways around the salary cap.

Houston officials are concerned with Rice's health (foot), but the results of a physical there could put a dent in the deal, while Layden is trying to get Dolan's approval to pay Anderson (a free agent looking for $5.5 million a year) and Eisley (six years at $4.7 million per).

Rice's subtraction would free up $9 million a year for the next three for the Knicks, while changing the face of their lineup that has three players in Allan Houston, Latrell Sprewell and Rice, who all play the same role.

Rice has not thrived in Jeff Van Gundy's practice-sensitive regime and his offensive numbers have suffered by not getting as many shots as the small-forward-tuned-power-forward has wanted. In Houston under Rudy Tomjonovich, practices are less vigorous and Rice could get more touches as an outside shooter and Houston's a team that usually goes inside.

Anderson is a post-up forward who can run the floor, while Eisley is a point guard. All along the Knicks have said that they would not trade for a point guard until they gave up one of their own.

The concern for Dolan and the Knicks remains whether they would be paying too much for younger players. Anderson, 26, is a free agent who wants more than the $5 million that Houston is offering to re-sign, while Eisley, 28, has six years left on his $36.7 million deal signed last year as a free agent that the Knicks would pick up. Rice's deal pays him $27 million over the next three seasons.

Ward, whose name has been bounced around often this summer because of the anti-Semetic remarks he made prior to the playoffs, is slated to make $5.6 million this year, plus two more seasons at $5.82 milliom and $6.28 million. In Foyle (3 years, $4.4 mil per), the Knicks would be getting a shot-blocking, rebounding backup center to spell the newly beefed-up Marcus Camby.

Previously, the Knicks have also been dangling Othella Harrington with Ward's name to make a deal more attractive to possible suitors, as Harrington is a bargain at $2.47 million per for two more years.
The knicks better start making some damn deals or they wont go anywere this year.


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how many bad deals can new york teams do
eg. the mets
Update they actually made the trade last night.

The Knicks have agreed to trade Glen Rice to the Houston Rockets in a three-team deal involving Dallas that brings Shandon Anderson and Howard Eisley to New York.

As part of the trade, which was announced Friday night, Muggsy Bogues goes from the Knicks to the Mavericks, and Dallas sends the rights to second-round draft pick Kyle Hall to the Rockets.


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I read about it. Great fucking deal!! Howard Eisley at point gaurd. Things are looking up for the knicks. This was a great trade. They get rid of Mugsy, and they gain Eisley. Awesome and Shandon anderson is a great shooter. This is by far the best move Laydon has made. Starting line-up:

PG: Eisley
SG: Houston
C: Camby
PF: Thomas or Weatherspoon
SF: Sprewell

Plenty of good bench players too! this is looking good. Also There is a possibility of a trade for Rod Strickland for Ward. People think Rod Stickland is a bad teamate, but coming to New York would make him a good one. Ecscpecially under Van Gundy. I hope they gran him.


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The knicks need to stop getting old players who used to be good and think about the future.