Knitter cameraman & reporter attacked by whiteys

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Apr 27, 2005
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OK, Popawoody, I'll see your thread and raise you this:

Reporter: Attack At Homicide Scene Racially Motivated

POSTED: 3:47 pm EDT March 12, 2008
UPDATED: 5:48 pm EDT March 12, 2008

UNION, S.C. -- The WSPA television reporter who was attacked while covering a homicide in Union on Tuesday, said Wednesday that she believes the violence was racially motivated.

Reporter Charmayne Brown went on Upstate talk radio station WORD on Tuesday morning and gave a detailed account of what happened on Spring Street in Union.

Brown, who is black, said that the incident was more than a case of family members turning against the news media. She said she was singled out because of her race.

Brown and WSPA photographer Ti Barnes, who is also black, were covering the story of 73-year-old Tommy Howell, who was found dead in his home. Howell's grandson, Michael Shane Howell, 33, is charged with murder.

Brown said that family members of both men had vocally objected to her presence at the scene, and used racial slurs toward her and Barnes before the altercation, shouting at them to leave.

Brown, who was on a public sidewalk across the street from the family's home, told the family members that, "we have a right to be here."

After that, Brown said that the family members rushed across the street and punched her.

WYFF News 4 reporter Mike McCormick and photographer Nick Gosnell were also covering the story and captured all but the first few seconds of the altercation on video. The video does not begin until after the initial punches were thrown.

Numerous racial slurs are clearly audible on the video.

Brown told WORD morning show host Russ Cassell that she "absolutely" believes the attack was because of her skin color.

Cassell asked: "Is it fair to say ... it was as not an issue with the media being there, it was clearly an issue with you being there .. and you believe it's because you're black?"

"Absolutely. They were hurling racial slurs from the moment we got there," Brown said.

Three women and a man who were involved in the attack were arrested by Union police after the altercation. All have been charged with assault and battery.
Edit: I HOPE someone can find the uncensored version.


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Feb 27, 2008
what white person is still dumb enough to shout racial slurs while fighting a minority?

Not that i agree with race related rulings in court, but god damn be smart about it