Movie Kursk (June 2019)


Having it my way since '98
It's officially out in Europe, but not in the USA until June. Well, I've seen it, and for all the crap Hunter Killer got for being a bit over the top, I was surprised how unrealistic this was.

Yes, you have to guess what the sailor's experience was being trapped in that submarine, and we know how the Russians put secrets before saving lives, but this plays like propaganda. I'm sure the indictment is deserved, but there's no nuance to it.

Max Von Sydow end up playing a caricature, not a character, as the supposed Admiral who refuses to let "the world" help . Even Colin Firth's presence seems like Gary Oldman's in Hunter Killer. Two-dimensional, and more perceived star power than anything else. The worse god, is that they fattened up bond girl Lea Seydoux as a pregnant wife.

Obviously, any story was going to focus on those sailors and paint them in the best light, but the rest was definite melodrama. Pretty surprised by it.