Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small will be doing a live Race War on SXM Opie Radio 9PM EST 2/7/15


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Hopefully this turns into a weekly thing when they're not on the road


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Turns out after listening to the recording on my Inno it wasn't live, they just played on of their podcasts, I just assumed it was a SXM exclusive because of the picture they posted on twitter (the one I posted above) they usually don't put that much promotion into a podcast being replayed.

Heres the episode if anyone wants to hear it: https://soundcloud.com/racewars/racewars-3-8-14-artielange it's really funny and it has Artie Lange on it.


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Their last episode was great, with Ann Coulter, the managing editor of Jezebel and some other chick who said 'like' too much.

Near the end of the show the topic came up of how Democrats have destroyed the black community. The Jezebel chick put on her most smug, snotty voice and said to Ann Coulter: "Let's talk about this. You've been spouting this empty platitude for years now..."

So Ann proceeded, as is her wont, to drop a metric tonne of knowledge on a bitch. The Jezebel chick had no response, which proves two things:

1. Liberals who claim to hate Ann Coulter don't actually read her books, since all of that information is right there in her book MUGGED.

2. The only thing they know about Coulter is what they've read from hateful pieces written about her. This dopey broad clearly didn't know that challenging Ann Coulter on her facts is like bringing a soggy hot dog to a knife fight.
just started listening. so, is the loud sassy black hole part of the show or just the xpac one?