Kyle Kendrick Is Gullible


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Kyle Kendrick Is Gullible

You can credit Phillies pitcher Brett Myers with pulling this one off. Myers devised the entire plan to convince teammate Kyle Kendrick that he'd been traded to a Japanese team. The entire Phillies clubhouse was in on it, including the media, and the team even went as far as creating a fake itinerary, a fake press release, and fake trade papers to fool Kendrick.

Now if only Myers can fool Pat Gillick into giving Ryan Howard the contract extension he deserves.
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That is fucking awesome, although he should have realized something was up when the douchebag media guys couldn't stop smirking like a bunch of 'mos.


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I caught that earlier today .... freaking brilliant, I was cracking up at the end when Myers said that was the name of the Japanese player was the Coney Island "hot dog" eater .... OUTSTANDING! Pranking at it's best.
I saw the video earlier, that shit was pretty fucking funny. When I was watching the video, I'm like why the fuck does name Kobayashi sound so familiar.