L.A. Laugh Factory, August 2001

I went to the Laugh Factory here in L.A. last August to see Dice. But he only stayed onstage about 15 minutes. He seemed out of breath, and a little agitated. He apologized to the audience, saying he had to leave before "something happened here".

I was real disappointed; it was my first time seeing Dice, and actually my first time at the LF. Now, I DID see Jay Mohr there, palling around with Dice's entourage. And I just heard about this feud he has with Dice from this one website I found through Google search. How long has this feud been going on? And does anyone know anything about what happened at the Laugh Factory that night last August? :confused:

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1st I would like to say welcome to wackbag.
Jaguar Jay. :)

As A Fact I know this Jay is known to steal comedian lines...he has done some of them on SNL.

Pay attention to some comics tryin to make it. and they hang out on the O&A show you will see how the mood changes when Jay is there.

You will notice it .
OH SHIT... what a low life scumbag. :eek: that's like the worst thing a comic can do, steal someone's lines. :mad: I noticed that Jim Norton doesn't talk much when Jay Mohr is in the studio. Now it makes sense. Thanks for responding, Fofolina.

I originally posted on the ---SPAM DELETED BY WEBMASTER--- but so far no one replied. Maybe that website is not as well known as Wackbag. If the person that built the site works for Dice -- and he has to, I mean who in their right mind would do this amount of work just for fun -- he's gotta know the answer. It really is a pretty cool site. I hope he replies... :(

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Well We cant say he is a low life scumbag.
but it is bad of him to do that don't get me wrong.
yet again the man does have alot of fame and no one can fuck with that.
this is the life of a actor.
some are phony and some are not.
Well I may have used harsh words but the truth remains the same. Jay Mohr steals other comedians' act and it's despicable. :mad: I used to respect the guy but after what I heard here he lost my respect.


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Ya it may be bad but yet not to many know he is like that.It is pretty much comics.
The man still has his fame