Ladies of Wackbag Gap Premier Movie Costume Suggestions!

most wordiest thread name ever.

costume suggestions pls. <3

anything we dress as in a group = more gooder. :action-sm


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Shave your heads and drive up in a giant truck screaming. Go as the Turnbull AC's !


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
i have to do this....mostly because i'm a lady of wackbag so it's not mean, it's self depricating



You can go fuck.
No idea on the final head count of gals going, I could costume design for all, I'm sure.
You girls better not get upset eeeeeither!!

you + Kris.

Pris and Rachael from Blade Runner. Convinced of it. :D
Mmm smoke.

Simby : Sugar Kane Kowalczyck, Some like it Hot.

Friday : For the long hair option : Anne Wilkes, Misery. But hotter.
Pamela Voorhees for short hair, Friday The 13th.
Marquise Isabelle, Dangerous Liasons.

Krisko : Xenia Onatopp, GoldenEye.

Scarlett, Gwtw.
Phoenix. Xmen.

Lee Holloway, The Secretary, but... hotter.

Stacey, American History X.
Mia, Pulp Fiction (preferably post-OD.)
(You guys know I could go on and on here, too. but the rest of the suggestions may be better reserved for her eyes alone ;) )

Stalker Patti : Hatchetface, Crybaby.


More to come, who else is going?


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
AF Babygirl and Friday are going i think


The Secretary?! You're a man after my own heart....but who'll go as james spader?!


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Who all is going? Balz Angel? Krisko?? Knuckleup & Gentleman friend??


Another girrrrl!!!
I'm going & will also have an escort. I haven't given any thought to a costume.


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yes but where will i ever find a dress?
i wanted to be miss o'hara and have access to decent costumes but you do NOT want to wear hoops at the hard rock..... too cramped!


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
i realize this is the girls' thread but this is pretty damn close:


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
no ideas for me!?

(hahahahahaha hatchetface, LMFAO; i lol'd.)

oooooooo, pink wig; that can be arranged.... thong too, maybe??

kneesocks, also a definite possibility? ;)

you MUST wear a thong! ;)


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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This thread is amazing... it should just be the selling point for the whole night. I think I'm just gonna have to go now.