Lakeland Police Officer Shot & Killed


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This happened on December 18th, but I wanted to post it here. His funeral is tomorrow. This savage has shown absolutely no remorse at all, and there were 12 local agencies hunting the thug down.

BTW, the area where this happened? Maybe one or two white people live there.

The suspect in the shooting of a Lakeland police officer is now sitting in jail.

Kyle Williams, 19, was arrested shortly before 8:30 a.m. outside an apartment complex in the Crystal Lake area. He faces charges of attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer.

He was booked into the Polk County jail this afternoon.

The search for Williams began shortly after 10 p.m. after Officer Arnulfo Crispin, 25, was shot while responding to a call in the 1900 block of Crystal Grove Drive in Lakeland.

Crispin was alone for seven minutes after he was shot. He was found by a second officer who arrived on scene as backup.

Crispin was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center, where he underwent several hours of surgery. Police Chief Lisa Womack described his condition as "very critical to grave."

Suspect search lasted several hours

Twelve local agencies, including the Polk County Sheriff's Office, the Florida Highway Patrol and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, participated in the search for Williams.

A perimeter was set up in the area of the shooting, and officials combed the densely-populated neighborhood of Crystal Lake for nearly 10 hours, checking vehicles and knocking on doors.

“Good lord, I couldn't begin to imagine how many law enforcement, cars and trucks and you name it were here,” said Rick Wiseberg.

In addition, officials said once they determined Williams was the suspect, they began searching for him at several locations, including some outside the city limits of Lakeland.

Williams' mother played an instrumental role in bringing the manhunt to an end, officers said. They received information that she was on the phone with her son. Officers were able to convince him to surrender.

Williams' father spoke today.

"We were the ones on the phone telling him to do the right thing," said father Reginald Mitchell.

Mitchell was not able to talk to his son at the police station, but says Williams told him on the phone that he was not the shooter.

Police were initially searching for three suspects after witness reports said they had seen three people running from the scene of the shooting. Police said they found two of the people, but they are no longer considered suspects in the shooting.

"We're praying for the officer, but there were three people involved and we need to get to the truth," Mitchell said.

Police say they're confident Williams pulled the trigger.

Wounded officer 'outstanding'

During a press conference after Williams' arrest, Womack said Crispin has an "outstanding reputation for being an outstanding police officer."

Crispin comes from a large family. He has several brothers and sisters.

He grew up in the small town of Mulberry where he was an athlete in high school.

Patricia Barnes, now a high school principal, knew Crispin from middle school.

"Just a good kid, happy, always laughing, smiling," Barnes said.

A former soccer teammate says Crispin was a good guy.

"That is real sad to hear. He was a good guy. He never did nothing to nobody," said Deon Smith.

Crispin was nominated his senior year as a homecoming candidate.

He went on to play soccer at Webber International College where the vice president and director of soccer told us he was a very talented athlete.

"He was a very engaged student, very willing to learn. He was more concerned for the people around him and that was evident through group projects in class," said Steve Warner.

“Just really sad time. We were devastated to hear that. Just a really good person helping society and now we have this to deal with," Barnes said.

Crispins' family has been by his side since last night.

A family friend says he comes from a very close loving family and that his father was so proud that his son became a police officer. Crispin had been with the Lakeland Police Department for 18 months.

After completing the Field Training Program, that lasted three months, Officer Crispin's field officer training records indicated he was a good officer that conducted himself well on the job.

Officer Crispin was given good marks on his training. He was tauted as being a highly motivated officer and it was also mentioned more than once throughout his training records that he has good police instincts.

Officer Crispin's field training officers indicated he has a willingness to always learn more and continue to improve on the job. Some of the comments from field training officers taken from Officer Crispin's files illustrate these qualities:

"Officer Crispin shows an outstanding demeanor towards his job and is very respectful towards citizens and co-workers. He is also very open to learn and receives critiques very well."
"Officer Crispin appears to be a pro-active officer who enjoys his job and is willing to continue improving along the way."
"Officer Crispin is eager to learn. He has a really positive attitude toward the job."
"Officer Crispin is a good listener, never has to be corrected about a mistake twice. He shows excellent enthusiasm towards the job, and shows great pride in his work."
"Officer Crispin is progressing well. He is learning the duties of a police officer and putting what he learns to practice. Officer Crispin is quickly becoming an asset to the Lakeland Police Department."

Chief Womack later stated, “Officer Arnulfo Crispin remains in critical and grave condition. The family is waiting for additional family members to arrive and they have asked for privacy. There have been requests from the public about donations for the family of Officer Crispin, we are in the process of establishing a fund. We will release that information in the near future. We ask for the public to keep Officer Crispin, his family, and the Lakeland Police Department in your thoughts and prayers in this holiday season.”


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best wishes to the poor cops family