Lakers Win It.

Motherfuckers i really wanted Philly to take this series. They did play very hard and i think they would have taken the Lakers had they not been playing injured and also have so many players that where out with injuries. The Lakers really suck.

I wonder what the hell Kobe Bryant was talking about when they asked him after the game about if he wanted to talk about the personal problems in his off court life that was happening during the season. He declined and only said he thanked his wife for helping him out alot!?! huh huh

Allen Iverson also declined to be interviewed but thats what i dont understand about fucking Sports Reporters leave the fucking guy alone he just lost in the finals and they want to pick his brain. When he is ready he will talk.


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They like getting the losers face on camera, fucking reporters. How can anybody beat a team with Shaq in the middle? Answer is: It's pretty much impossible. Let's se the team Jordan puts together next year, with Jordan back there might be a chance for someone else to win against the Lakers.
Michael Jordan's possible return to the NBA suffered a setback when he broke two ribs this week in a pickup game, according to Washington Wizards coach Doug Collins.

Collins, whom Jordan hired as coach last month, told NBC and The Washington Post on Friday that Jordan, the team's part owner and president of basketball operations, was injured in a pickup game with NBA players at a gym in Chicago on Wednesday.

Jordan will need at least three weeks to heal and another three-to-five weeks before he could resume workouts, Collins said. Jordan will not give up on his bid to play again and the injury will only delay him making his decision, Collins added.

Jordan, 38, was injured while trying to post up a defender and when he tried to make a quick turn, the defender grabbed him, causing the ribs to crack. Collins said Jordan is sore, but also feeling better. He said there is no significant cartilage damage, which could have prolonged the prognosis and made the injury more painful.

According to Collins' projections, the earliest Jordan would be able to begin working out would be at the beginning of August, giving him 2½ months to get in shape before training camp begins in mid-October.

Collins recounted his conversation with Jordan during the broadcast of Game 5 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers.

"I asked him if he was discouraged and he said, 'I'm not discouraged, I'm just disappointed. I was playing so well -- starting to get my legs back and my timing (back), it's just going to delay my decision. When I heal up I'll get back to my training and see where I'm at,"' Collins said.

"But he still has a goal of trying to come back and play. This is just a setback for him; this is not the end. I believe in Michael, so I know somewhere down the road he's going to give it another great shot."

Jordan has been working out for more than three months, shedding nearly 30 pounds to get near his playing weight of 215 pounds. Collins said he spoke to Jordan on Thursday and Jordan was disappointed because "he was getting that feeling again."

Collins said he found out about Jordan's injury after Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night when he ran into Curtis Polk, an agent and partner of David Falk, Jordan's agent.

Jordan retired after the 1998 season after leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships in eight years.


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Yes I heard. but ribs heal quickly, he should be back up and running in a month or two. I just hope this isn't a sign of his age catching up with him. I would love to see him comeback and kick the lakers ass for one more championship, that's ofcourse if the Knicks don't make it.


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That would be an awesome pick up for the Knicks. I just hope he plays well if he does. It's not just him that is good on Sacremento. They have great supporting players, that are really awesome assist men. Like for example Divac, Williams, stoyakavic, Christie, and Barry. They all are capable of 10 assists a night. I just hope the Knicks pick up a decent point gaurd as well.

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I would love to see them pick-up Gary Payton i think he is a free-agent also.