laptop is fucked up

I have a little dell win7 laptop, the kids have been using it, now it won't do shit. Click on any program, or the console, what ever, and it just sits there with the little circle icon spinning, but it won't work. Everything works fine in safe mode, and its not hooked up to the internet. Restoring hasn't worked yet, says something about an error accessing something something.
just had the same thing happen and microsoft security found a nasty trojan and now im all good


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Did they have an admin account or knew the admin password?
Do you have a windows 7 book disk?
Did you create a windows 7 recovery disk?

using command prompt or a run box in an admin account:
checks the harddrive, may take some time.

wait hours


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Sounds more like his kids fucked something up -- virus or malware, as safe mode isn't plagued with problems.
Malware Bytes is your friend -- also create another account for the kids that isn't a local admin. Password protect your admin account.
Not much on it, so did a factory restore. All good now, and locked up tight. Thanks for the suggestions, men.