Large predator injures a bather


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I bet that expert would like to prove that, get his name in the National Geographic.

Mass. Shark Bite Victim: Feeling Good, Considering

The man experts think was bitten by a shark while swimming off a Cape Cod beach says he plans on sticking closer to shore from now on.

Christopher Myers told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Wednesday that he and his son were in deeper water trying to get to a sandbar off Ballston Beach in Truro on Monday when he was bitten on the lower part of both legs.

His son, J.J., said he heard a scream and looked back to see the fin of what state Marine Fisheries shark expert thinks was a great white.

Myers, feeling dizzy, said he and his son then "swam hard" back to shore.

Myers, in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston with bandages around both legs, said considering the circumstances, he feels "quite terrific."

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A couple summer boys swim out to far, get tired and along comes a fishing boat......
You mean to tell me there are sharks in the ocean... I live near the ocean... oh noes....