Larry Bird's son has been arrested for trying to run over his ex-girlfriend


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Basketball great Larry Bird's son has been arrested after police say he tried to run over his ex-girlfriend with a car.

Twenty-one-year-old Conner Anthony Bird faces preliminary charges including intimidation with a deadly weapon, battery with injury and possession of marijuana.

"It is a private matter we are hoping to resolve as quickly as possible," said Connor Bird's attorney, John Tompkins, in a statement. "We are happy no one was seriously hurt."

Indiana University police arrested Bird on Sunday morning. They say his ex-girlfriend told an officer that Bird threw a cellphone at her and drove his car at her during an argument. A police report says IU police arrested Bird after tracking down his vehicle.

Bird is a student at IU's Bloomington campus. A Monroe County jail officer said Tuesday that Bird was no longer in custody.



What's black and white and red all over?
"It is a private matter...," said Tompkins, in a statement.
Wouldn't "no comment" be more private?


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Well at least we don't have to play GTR.

But being that his father was a monkeyball player
it's no surprise he acts like one.