Lars with godsmack


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I was checking this metallica site and found this article which is very interesting. "Lots of e-mails this morning telling about a Godsmack concert Wednesday night (April 4) at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.
At the end, when Godsmack left, all the fans were still on their feet, requesting an oncore. Godsmack came out, played another song, and right after Sully Erna began inviting fans to head bang on the stage! Well, Sully rolls out some guy in a wheel-chair, and everybody was like: "Hey, that's cool. Sully brought a wheel-bound stricken person to enjoy the on-stage performance.

Lo and behold, Lars Ulrich was the one sitting in the wheel-chair. All the fans whom had been invited on to the stage gathered around Lars to kiss his ass, to which Sully asked them to give Lars breathing space. Lars got to his feet, took a drink of beer, and squirted it -water fountain style into Sully's open mouth. Lars then acknowledged the crowd, hugged Sully, and walked off stage"


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Geez lets hope that Sully wont be like Lars....And damn I wish that beer would be given to me by Sully that would be a moment for me cause he is one hot mother fucker
:D ;) :cool: