Las Vegas track coach accused of sex with teen student, and getting her an abortion


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Jan 26, 2005
LAS VEGAS – A former high school track coach and substitute teacher is facing a felony charge stemming from allegations he got a team member pregnant and helped her get an abortion, authorities said.
Kenneth Craig, 28, was free Thursday pending a preliminary hearing Feb. 20 in Las Vegas Justice Court on a felony charge of sexual misconduct with a student, court officials said. The charge carries a possible sentence of one to five years in prison.

Craig was arrested Dec. 20. It was not immediately clear if he posted bond or was freed without bail. The public defense lawyer who represented him at a court appearance on Monday did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.
Craig worked as a substitute teacher for the Clark County School District from May 2003 to May 2007, and was a track coach at Las Vegas High School from February to May 2006, according to a police arrest report.

A school district spokeswoman said Thursday she could not disclose whether Craig quit or was fired.

Craig told school district police in March that he had sex with the student after she graduated, but Las Vegas police said e-mails and cell phone messages between Craig and the then-17-year-old senior contradict that account. Craig declined to give Las Vegas police a statement in September, police said.

The former Las Vegas High student, who police said now lives outside Nevada, told police she and Craig first had sex in March 2006 at her parents' home. Medical records obtained by police through a grand jury subpoena showed the victim had an abortion in June 2006, the same month she graduated, police said.

The relationship first was reported to school district police by the current Las Vegas High girl's track coach, Uvette Gonzaque-Francis.

As a public education employee, Gonzaque-Francis was required by law to report suspected abuse involving students. Records show school police turned the case over to Las Vegas police in April.

Craig's ex-girlfriend, Deanna Riddle, told police she suspected Craig had a relationship with the girl, and said she drove the girl to a doctor's office near the end of her senior year in school.


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Mar 19, 2005
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Hopefully he followed the Ronnie B. rule and paid for half and gave her a ride to the clinic.


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Jan 17, 2005
Why are you posting this? How does the relate to New Jersey?


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Apr 27, 2005
Talk about hot teen news!