Last Night At Eddie's (1997)


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Dec 5, 2004
Guided by the wisdom of Pizza Joe, a troubled young man tries to win the heart of a waitress trapped in an abusive relationship with her lecherous pizza shop manager. Add a sex-starved delivery boy, his brain-dead sidekick, a homicidal hotdog man and a missing pepperoni and you've got a recipe for disaster! A bawdy, tongue-in-cheek tale served with half-baked characters and an extra helping of crackpot pizza philosophy.
Jan 25, 2006
Saint Louis
Another Summary.
A man who doesn't deal well with stress finds himself faced with romantic problems at the worst possible time in this independent comedy. Gino (Noah Forrest) runs a pizza parlor called Eddie's in a small resort town in New England. Unlike most people who work in the service industry, Gino has no talent for getting along with others; his pals, his employees, and even his girlfriend Allison (Jamie Denho) have had to learn to deal with his periodic fits of rage and unpredictable temper. Gino isn't even nice to his customers; the ones who really get on his nerves will have their food surreptitiously dropped in the toilet before serving. Given all this, it shouldn't surprise anyone that when Allison's former boyfriend Dillon (Robert Kelly) shows up on the last day of the summer season, Gino does not react at all well. Last Night at Eddie's was the feature debut for writer, director, and producer Franklin C. Kerr. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide
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Last Night At Eddie's

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