Last Stand

They're calling it a flop. We went last night, and overall it was ok, some large plot holes if you're paying attention, but fun to watch and several good laughs. I'd recommend it if you don't have anything better to do.


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I saw it yesterday. It was OK, nothing that original or clever that we haven't seen before in terms of dumb action movies. I started to laugh at the ridiculous amount of expository dialog, almost every scene started with someone's backstory getting filled in. And the main bad guy just HAPPENED to have a history of being a race car driver to explain how he was able to drive his stolen ZR-1 Corvette so well. How convenient! One of the small town residents just HAPPENS to have a building chock full of every weapon imaginable. How convenient! Johnny Knoxville was playing the same character he plays in every movie, which is pretty much himself.

If you like guns, you'll love this movie because it has almost every type and make of handgun, machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, etc that you can think of used or shown at one point.


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I feel bad for Kim Ji-woon, the director, who's made amazing movies in South Korea. He's probably in my top three favourite directors working right now.

If this is a legitimate bomb hopefully he'll go back there and make some more great movies, instead of middling Hollywood action fare.
I hope it's not a bomb, it's better than that. It's not Sam Peckinpah, but not complete shit, either.