Lawyer Dominic Barbara busted for stalking, attempted extortion of ex-wife: Rice


Dominic Barbara seen in his mug shot today.

Disgraced divorce lawyer Dominic Barbara was arrested today and charged with harassment, stalking and trying to extort $200,000 from his ex wife – with alleged dirty pictures, prosecutors said.

The 67-year-old Barbara -- busted for attempted fourth degree grand larceny, second degree aggravated harassment, and fourth degree stalking -- is set to be arraigned later today at Nassau County First District Court in Hempstead.

"This was a cold-hearted campaign of harassment and threats, designed to put money in the defendant’s pockets and he didn’t care how many lives he destroyed along the way," said Rice.

"Mr. Barbara’s conduct indicates a complete lack of respect for the people he maligned, the rule of law and common decency,’’ Rice said.

From March to September of this year, Barbara, who is suspended from the practice of law, texted and called his former wife Leslie Barbara demanding $10,000, according to Nassau DA Kathleen Rice.

When she refused, he is charged with beginning a campaign of threats that he would destroy her reputation and career by exposing details of his wife’s alleged sexual relationships, Rice said.

The infamous media hound threatened to hold a press conference and release compromising photos and claims of her alleged sex life, authorities said.

Barbara also warned he would file false court papers on the alleged sex hijinx – and upped his demand to $200,000, according to prosecutors.

He claimed he had photographic proof that Leslie Barbara was having an intimate relationship with her boss at her law firm and threatened to send those alleged pictures to the man’s wife.

During his extortion campaign, Barbara called and texted Leslie Barbara's law partner, as well as her friends - and even clients - to try to force her to pay him off, Rice said.

Barbara at one point confronted his ex at a beauty salon and threatened her that "things are going to get a lot worse," prosecutors said.

Barbara faces up to a year behind bars, if convicted.

Ain't Karma a bitch...


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Wasn't he Howard's lawyer? I'm sure I've heard the name on his show before.


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What a cock sucker.


Once convicted, Dominic won't have to worry about three hots and a cot.


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Yes indeed. Karma is a bitch.

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If I was the judge I would want to knock that smarmy smirk off his face in the mug shot.


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Send him to one of those white collar country club prisons. He represented most of the wives of the inmates during their divorces.
Send him to one of those white collar country club prisons. He represented most of the wives of the inmates during their divorces.
Well I think if it is a year or less you just get jail... ergo why I was hoping for Riker's...


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Once disbarred, all cases found in favor of his clients should be reviewed and possibly overturned.


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I think I hear the sounds of beers popping and hysterical laughing coming from the direction of Mr Cumia's house.


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I would like to see a collection of Barbara threads just to trace this insane collapse.