Legend of Zelda TV Ad 1987

Joe Avezzano

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I post this only so that others may share in my torment. I saw this TV ad when it was new in 1987 and never saw it again until tonight. But ever since I saw it I have never, ever been able to get this awful rap song out of my head. To this day it pops up occasionally among those songs that get stuck in your (my) head.

To my shock and embarrassment, I found that I still remember the lyrics almost verbatim. Check out this commercial for the "Legend of Zelda" for NES, and hopefully you will be cursed with the same douche-chills I got upon viewing it.

Well here's a little "Where are they now"

Those two are actually posters on this board...


The Ad maybe gay. But it's not Nintendo's fault, all Ads in the 80's were gay.

Razor Roman

That second one is the one I remember too...

my brother and I used to run around saying "Zelda!?!?!" Oh well. I was 8