Lets Band Together (Rock Band 360)


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Its going to be another couple of months, but Rock Band will be released and use of XBOX Live is defiantely jack up the replay ability of this game. Since you can start a band online, I was putting out a note that it could be really cool to get some wackbaggers in on a band formation of some sort. I Know I will be getting the mic, but I also will be carrying over the guitar from GH2. So if you are interested shout out and put your name down. I know this will be the game of the year! And lets play around with some band names as well, I know everyone here can get VERY creative when asked too. ;)


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I'll guitar it. The new ones look pretty interesting.

How about "SAVAGE ANIMAL!" for the name?


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If I can work up the balls, I'll sing. Otherwise, count me in as a drummer.


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But I want guitar.. If FA doesn't go drums, I will.. that, or i'm grabbing a guitar too...


I Drink YOUR Milkshake!
One other thing - we have to think up plenty of cheesy lines to say right before the Daltry Scream 7 and a half minutes into "Won't Get Fooled Again."