Let's get ready to rumble!!


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This should be some fun TV tonight. If all the rumors reveal to be true. I hope it's what we all expect. History starts in 2 minutes.


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I hate to reply to myself. But god damn you gotts love vince. Rock!!!
Booker T just won the WCW Title. This is pretty good so far Vince is a genius it put the one match everyone would want to see on first.


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Yeah most likely they are not gonna get in all the matches they were supposed to with the simulcast and all. This is exciting shit. I can't wait to see what happens in the next 3 hours. I am actually fucking anxious and shit. I have not been this anxious about wrestling since hogan vs. warrior.
Yeah this is probaly the biggest night in Wrestling history. I cant wait myself and im also taping this so i dont miss anything.


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Holy shit!!.That rocked. A rumor that actually came true. I love this shit. Shane owns WCW. Vince a a fucking mastermind. He doesn't care about anything. That was classic how he was gloating. I was just waiting for shane to come in and say that he owned WCW. I knew it was gonna happen. Right after one of you guys posted that rumor. IT seemed like the best storyline. Fucking phat!!
Yeah Son of a Deke posted that one earlier today. That did rock. They are gonna work the WCW sale into the Vince/Shane feud. I cant wait to see who goes with who.


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You gotta love vince. He can careless what anyone thinks of him. He just loves making himself look like a fool. Cause deep down he knows he really is the man. Wrestlemania is gonna be sick. I can't wait. I wonder if any of those rumors about some wcw wrestlers showing up at raw tonight will come true. Only 20 minutes left(plus Overtime). Let's hope for a sick ending.
I wonder if HBK is gonna show up like the Ross Report indicates. So far the Ross Report said Mick Foley would and he did and it also said HBK would so lets see.

Oh yeah those KANE Stacker 2 commercials are some funny ass shit.


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Who knows he could be the special referee for this match.<--maybe not. Oh yeah I crack up from those commercials too. Good ending to the show. But I would rather have seen something alittle more over the top. But I guess vince gave us enough shit to talk about tonight. Damn that was fun to watch. I wish there was more to watch. Oh well until thursday. Let's see how many rumors spread from now and then.


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Hbk Is way cool and Yes Mav Vince is the man he rocks


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It's gonna be an exciting week. Between smackdown and wrestlemania. You gotta think that there is gonna be some wcw wrestlers showing up on smackdown or wrestlmania. Brace yourselves. Should be some great sports entertainment ahead of us.
Yeah Mav i think your right. Be on the look out for Booker T to show up somewhere. Since HBK wasnt on RAW im thinking maybe he slips in on Smackdown cause the Ross Report had him coming back on WWF TV this week with Mick Foley.


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darm last night show was the best ever
wow vince is a master mind
and you should see the messasge from shane on wcw.com
Woah!!! This is gonna be good. There is nothing like a McMahon family feud and now with the 2 federations this is gonna rock.
There's supposed to be a WCW invasion on SmackDown! Thursday. Gah damn, did you hear Vince's speech? That was fucking motivational!


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It's only gonna get more interesting as the day and weeks go by. Smackdown is gonna be awesome. Byt WM17 is gonna be good. Did you hear opie say goldberg in shane's corner at wrestlemania. Does not sound so unbelievable, it might happen or hogan maybe. I bet someone from WCW is in shane's corner. We wil have to wait and see who. gaddamnit..
Oh yeah this is gonna be really good for wrestling. This is what we have been dreaming of for the last 10 years. I cant wait for the video games that will be coming out now that we only dreamed of before. It is really good to be a wrestling fan now.


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All it took to get the buzz back into wrestling was this move. A fucking awesome business move by vince. I don't care if WCW was on it's way out or not. He gets the rights to the WCW wrestlers right? Any of them who are under contract that is.
Yes he owns the rights to everything. Vince pretty much is playing the role of GOD himself now in the wrestling industry. He is gonna decide there fate he will keep who he wants and get rid of who he dont want.
Ok let me straighten a few things out. Yes Vince is the man and he is a genius. That is why you will not be seeing any WCW wrestlers on Smackdown and it is very unlikely that that you will see any at Wrestlemania. Why would Vince blow the best storyline to develop since the nWo in less than a week. Look for WCW to be run seperately for awhile with a big build up to an enventual supercard interpromotional PPV. What I see happening is Vince and Shane being the only two guys from the different "feds" to fight. Look for Shane to try to steal WWF superstars from his dad to build up WCW. There is a chance someone like Booker T would show up at Wrestlmania but I don't think he will be challenging anyone or getting involved. Might just be recognized in the crowd or something. I think Shane will win and I am not sure if he will have anyone with him, but I don't think so. I think that either Linda will come out of her coma and help Shane or better yet look for Trish to turn on Vince and show the world that her and Shane have been together the whole time. Mr. McMahon you don't know the things I would do to degrade myself to tell you I am sorry? Sound like a con job to me. Trish might be the first cross over.

As for Vince owning WCW he does. He owns the rights to the name and the entire video library, but he does not own the wrestlers. Wrestlers are not employees of the federations they belong to. They are independent contractors. That is why the federations don't have to pay for medical benefits and insurance on them. Vince did buy out a few contracts from AOL/TimeWarner, but he only bought the lower priced stars who have 90 day deals so that Vince could retain some stars and then after 90 days he could give them new contracts for the money he wants to pay them. I will post the list of guys later. (sorry at work and don't have the time, but there are some good names involved - Lance Storm for one) As far as all the "stars" in WCW with the hugh contracts and guaranteed money, AOL/Time Warner is responsible to pay them. That is why the contracts are called Guaranteed. AOL/Time Warner has offered some of these stars buy out at reduced rates. You get out of the contract and get your money up front but do not get the full amount of your contract. These stars are all still under contract until they take the buy out or the contract ends so Vince can't sign them. Here is the info I have on a few of these "stars". (Sorry like I said at work and working from memory so I might mess some stuff up)

Hogan - contracted ended with WCW in March and is under no obligation to anyone. Was asked by WCW to be a part of the Nitro Night of Champions (before the WWF Purchased WCW) and declined. There is a chance of him showing up at Wrestlemania but I doubt it. Vince didn't seem interested.

Nash - has ten months left on his contract with WCW. Has stated he would sit at home, collect his money and wait for the contract to end. He will make $2 million dollars either way. If he sit home he gets the full amount. If he takes the buyout he will only get like a million and a half and then Vince would only sign him for half a million and would he would get around the same amount of money so he will sit home.

Goldberg - same thing as Nash I believe. Not sure how long his deal is, but he never wanted to be a wrestler anyway. Now he has his guaranteed money and can do other things.

Booker T - apparently took the buyout and has signed with the WWF. Vince likes him and is happy to have him.

Scott Steiner - not really sure, but I believe he will just sit and collect his contract. Vince is not interested in him and that was obvious by having him job cleanly to Booker T.

Can't really remember anyone else right now, but I do know that Vince is being open minded about most of the guys and was actually surprised at the Pop that Buff and Steiner got from the Cleveland crowd. Vince is a smart man and will give the audience what they wants so we will have to wait and see what happen.

Sorry this was so long, like I said I am at work, bored as hell and love to talk about wrestling