Lewis Black


Is alive.
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Lewis Black was on today and again showed that he is funny. The whole bit were he heard the bad things that were said to him by Mencia made the other guy look gay.

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He gets on my nerves for some reason but he is a funny guy..I know it does not make any sense but oh well that is just me


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I have been doing comedy for a long time like ever since I took a leak in my dads face when I was a newborn. lol but I've been noticing that some comics are way to sensitive. jeeze people BE MORE FUNNY. and show less of your Fem. side. a message for Lewis Black. relax buddy. You should try a nice bus ride with some naked women and a court apperance. As for Norton eat more veggies and less Vages. all you other comics BE MORE FUNNY.... lolol
Mr Black is funny its just that his kinda humor is more towards the political & current events side of things. I think he is funny.