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A big ass FU to everyone. I'm sick of everyone lookin at me as just a man who won't do anything! I'm sick of being yelled at, rejected, everything else!!! AS FAR AS I AM CONCERENED YOU CAN ALL GO KISS MY BLACK ASS!!!!!!!!

Thank you...


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I am really sorry for what is happening to you... Dont let things get to you babes you know that you are doin well are a very smart guy and a good person fuck what everyone says they know nothing
I got a good idea just blow your head off with a shotgun then you will show everyone. Nah dont do that man fuck everybody thats my motto. Dont even think about splitting town cause it will all be the sameshit just a different state.


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Wait a minute. Your black? Oh geez man do I have alot to tell at the next clan meeting. ;)

Dude relax, I am always depressed, I think of suicide alot, but then common sense kicks in and says that is the ultimate crime against God and humanity. That is the pussy way out. I say stand up, let go, we didn't land on planet Earth, planet Earth landed on us! It's our job to climb up and get out of the ditch, show this world what were made of. Fuck what others think. Think for yourself. I had a dream that I was put on the shelf, forgotten about, couldn't be heard without a shout. So I kicked myself I said wake up and smell what your shoveling.

Motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, can go fuck themselves, cause true motivation can only come from you. So you must learn to love your own soul before you can spread love. and in conclusion. Read my lips!!!

I done lost my mind.
Now im serious Tony Robbins should go blow his head off with a shotgun.


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When life seems to suck, I just cum, and then everything seems a whole lot better. If that doesn't work, try this: When I'm really down, I like to think that it's a form of punishment for things I did in a former life. Thinks like drinkin and fuckin and all just in general "bad" things. Then i realize that i must have been a pure badass in my last life so i get a false boost of self esteem. Or punch a stranger in the face, thats a great stress relief.
Thanks everyone, I feel better! I'm taking one too many rejections. ^^

I may be black, but there are people that will tell you otherwise! :D
Sorry you're life is so hard at this point!
It'll get better... ;)


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omg I just read that and I am trying not to laugh because my mom and I are fighting, it's just too damn funny lmao.