Life Strikes Again

Okay, a big ass fuck you to my stupid ass cousin Desmond who spent half his money on weed, when he knew thet me, him, and his gf was headed to the movies! Let's not forget all the ragging he made about my personal life! And another fuck you to the cab that I was in when I lost my damn cell phone! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


I speak the human language
Potheads usaully do share the weed. I know I do. When your hanging with people, it sucks to be the only one high.

Well with a name like Desmond, I'd say he has to be black. lol Just riffin' Ranma. :D

I always say, drink a few beers and you can forget about all the bullshit for a day. Just get trashed. It really doesn't help, but it will drown the sorrow for the day. Just don't make it a habit. Cope with the pain, it can only get better. If it gets worse, it will get better. Trust me.
Imagine if he wasnt and he was like some rich kid or something. With a name like Desmond Edward Bradford III. Heh heh LOL!!! :)


I speak the human language
LMAO bro. you left out the "the" in III. It's "The Third" Lmao. That was funny bro. :D
See, you can kiss my ass!!!! :D :D :D But those comments cheered me up. He offered, but I quit poyt smokin. ^^