Lighting up in a bar will get you jail time in Mexico.


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Metro News Source:
>>Mexico Smoking Ban Coming Soon

(Mexico City) -- Lighting up in Mexico could land you behind bars. Lawmakers in that country have voted to outlaw smoking in all bars and restaurants, as well as some enclosed public spaces nationwide. If caught puffing on a smoke you could end up in jail for 36 hours and a fine. The measure is an expansion of a partial smoking ban which went into effect in Mexico City in January. Mexico's president is expected to sign the bill soon.
I think maybe Mexico has some more pressing issues. Such as:

Again, Metro News Source:
>>Mexico City Officials Trying To Prevent Sewage Mess

(Mexico City) -- Officials in Mexico City are trying to prevent a possible catastrophic mess involving its aging drainage system. A pipeline fracture could cause sewage to flood entire neighborhoods, the subway system and the airport. The first part of a more than billion-dollar effort to refurbish 99-miles of sewage tunnels has been introduced. The plans include the construction of four new pumping stations. Only 12 percent of Mexico City's sewage is treated while the remaining amount is sent to the north for use by agricultural interests.

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It's just a way to get gringos money...a bullshit law in a bullshit lawless country.


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Thi is a winner as well:
Law Would Let Jilted Brides Collect
Posted: 2008-02-22 21:56:43
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MEXICO CITY (Feb. 22) - Runaway brides -- and grooms -- in Mexico City could get stuck paying for the limo and flowers under a bill proposed by a local lawmaker Friday.
If approved by the city assembly, the law would offer engaged couples a legal contract outlining how much a man or woman can recoup if he or she gets jilted at the altar.

The contract would stipulate reimbursements at any point the engagement is called off.

"What we want is to protect the person who is being hurt, not only emotionally but also economically," Jose Zepeda, a divorce lawyer-turned-politician, told The Associated Press. "Whoever rents a wedding hall, pays for the church, for the cake, has the right to be reimbursed."


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Their most pressing concern should be stopping the invasion of my country with their anti-poverty campaign of maps that only show North.


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Great. Another law in which to falsely imprison the gringos.

BTW, do you get to smoke while you're in jail for those 36 hours?