Li'l Jimmy on Fire Again

Johnny Cakes

Obama president Nah!
Holy shit -the last half-hour of today's show was classic.

Between the list of 10 ways to have fun with unclipped cocks and the Richards Simmons tirade, I was in tears for a half an hour.

Bravo Jimmy!:clap:


Cleveland O&A fan
Funny stuff Jimmy!!!!! :clap:


It's My Birthday!
love when Jimmy goes on a tear
he causes Anthony physical pain
and me too

Probably Stoned

I am not good at this.[edited]
I keep laughing at the thought of someone wrapping a foreskin over their head and pulling a bank job.


Anthonys giant eye teeth scare children
I try to imagine a show without the little feller and it makes me sad. The fact that after a full week of broadcasting he can still kick out line after line of truly funny shit really makes you realize what a talent he is.

I'm just a little perturbed that he asked a sanitation worker if he ever saw a rabbit. That one was just wierd.


Anthonys giant eye teeth scare children
I don't get the ESD haters. The fact that he's a babbling tool makes for phenomenal radio. In fact they both bring a lot of material to the table. The line appears to be a little blurry with Roland and his retard baby comment, but for the most part I think we can all agree that ESD surely has some defective sperm in his small red balls.