Linkin Park vs RTC

This is stupid all cause of that stupid little shit who shot up class. Fucking blame the parents its there fault.
Yeah all of sudden parental control in this country is non-existent. Its always something lame like ok my kid killed 14 students what was he listening to what video games was he playing, or what show does he watch. Fucking what about who was teaching the little fuck about right and wrong.


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Well said Jay I so fucking hate that with life itself it fucking sux how they always blame music.... Fucking retarted people they suck big ass....
Mind you these parents use to listen to like Ozzy and shit and also some hippie fucking music and shit and yet they want to blame that... AHhhhhhhhhhhhh i so hate that with life..
These fucking people are such assholes

They Need to be there for their kids and instead of blaming the fucking music cause it is just words and nothing else and if that is the fucking case then all the sick ass songs i listen to then i should go kill .. Bullshit with that :mad: :mad: :mad:
They all just dont want people to call them bad parents and will blame anyone they can except for themselves.


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See the way I look at it if you can't take care of your kid and be a good parent then put your fucking kid up for adoption...Cause these stupid fucking people need to be thrown in the streets and fucking get run over and then shot cause they are so fucking stupid :mad: :mad: :mad: