Lion bites man, gets shot


**I move away from the mic to fuck your mother.
Wow, pretty intense.
You're supposed to shoot the hostage, take him out of the equation.

lingerrrr longerrrrr

Got One?

.....and she was a stewardess.
what the hell.... who puts lions in the same cage as little puppies? not only that, the dude was already fucked, looked like he was chomped down on pretty good when the vid started.

damn brown countries.

Dopie Opie

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You know I hear......If you are fucking a lion in the ass, then shot it in the head, its ass muscles tense up for a great orgasm......Thats what I hear anyway.

Seriiously, how fucking long did it take to get that poor bastard some help ??


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
The lion or the guy?
ummm the fucking savage. it looked to me like the lion already was either done or on his way out quickly, looked to me that they got off at least one head shot, that was a classic bullet through the brain/spine death roll on the lions part.