Lionhead needs help with insults? Any Suggestions Wackbag!


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hey SOS, when ya get a minute if you could make a thread for me in the Computer & Gaming section, i'd like to have one read

"Lionhead needs help with insults? Suggest wackbag!"

with this link inside

Apparently the designers of Fable 2 for the Xbox360 are tired of the word "arseface" when NPC's decide they don't like you, so instead of that how about we all suggest "Wackbag"
that'd be awesome, thanks man


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I am thinking more of a Norton-esque expression.

Unfortunately these are the rules by Lionhead:

We need a replacement for the tired old "Arseface" from the original Fable, as the Hero Title which you receive when you get enough NPCs to hate your guts. So, if any of you chaps and chappettes have some abusive and derisive ideas, now is the time to shout and share it with the team! Or rather post them in the comments of this blog (we are going to regret this aren't we?), and who knows, if it's G o o d [Good] enoug the title might make it onto our shortlist!

The insults should be puerile, but not too puerile, sound at least somewhat original, and not cross a certain line (as an example, "gobshite" has been rejected because, while it might sound funny and wacky to American ears, it’s still a bit too strong for Fable and British ears).

The thing to remember is that it’s a way for Fable villagers to call the Hero an arsehole because they hate him/her and obviously needs to work for both genders.

Clearly homophobic or otherwise derrogative ones aren’t going to make the grade and ideally shouldn’t even appear in the comments (and are most likely to be removed).