List of youngest birth mothers


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness
If you read G.R.R. Martin books, you're familiar with the concepts of forced weddings and the significance of first flowering.

Actually you don't need to read fiction, it's pretty much just history.

"When can she crank out an heir? HOW many years!? How about kick her in the cunt, see if that gets her flowering."


I like fistables.
Looks like our old neighbors kid just missed the age cut off at 12. Her mother at 27 already had five kids at this point and claimed her daughters as hers. Apparently she had forgotten that she had told everyone about being fixed after her last child and thought no one would notice her daughter being absent from school for most all of the school year and kept inside or very over dressed the entire time. She's big fat slob with a tiny little Mexican boyfriend. Neither ever worked and I offered Petey work many times.