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I am a phone engineer and in my spare time I work on personal projects just to see if I can do something. My latest creation allows you to listen to Sirius XM over the phone. This is done by calling in to an access number. Why would anyone want to do this? For a few reasons.
1) If you only have an online account.
2) You don't have unlimited internet on your phone or you do not have a smart phone.
3) You are engineer like me and have time for projects like this.

A brief history:
XM's old online listening system used to work direct off of Akamai technologies. Nowadays they have a flash based player. When they came out with the flash based player they stopped access via direct to Akamai so people like me needed the flash player as well. About a year ago they re-enabled it and it has been working well HOWEVER only certain stations work. For instance Howard 100 and Rawdog 99 work but Opie and Anthony does not. I am not sure why this is but it's how it is.

How it works:
I have a phone number that when called looks up the caller ID in the database. It then finds the callers email address and password. If you are not in the system the call is hung up on. If you are in the system you enter a channel to listen to. I then pass this along to SiriusXM. If I get a response I pass it along to the phone player. If it works you will hear the channel you have entered, if not the system will just ask you for the channel again. I have so far just built the back and and no web interface.

I would like to stress that this is not a way to listen for free. When the system connects to SiriusXM it passes along YOUR username and password. I then pass the stream through the phone to you.

Is this something that any of you are interested in trying out? If yes let me know and I will set up a site for auto sign up.

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sounds good...Sirius Xm customer service BLOWS...I just paid up both my accts 2 wks ago and while on Holiday in NYC and sitting in my truck at 6:30 am listening to O and A ...I called these Asshats to explain that i have reciepts showing that that i am paid up...(they left me message...AGAIN) that my home service will be they say on phone OK we will turn your home service on for 3 days till you get home and make payment...I PAYED i get home 2 days later and it is still off...going to go out in my cold truck to listen...or call show and be put on hold...I Have Great Lawyers who will be suing these clowns...Fat Mel is next...I was close to Thier studios...but wanted no part of Gooood Mornin' security they have there...