Local Coast Guard cutter seizes $6.2M of weeeeeeeeeeeed


More than 6,500 pounds of marijuana worth $6.2 million was seized Oct. 16 by crew of Coast Guard cutters Mohawk and Tahoma.

A joint crew of 100 Tahoma crewmembers and six from the Mohawk made the interdiction in the Caribbean Sea. The Tahoma, based at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, is undergoing a nine-month
overhaul at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore.

The incident began when the Seventh Coast Guard District command center watchstanders received notification that the Jamaican-flagged fishing vessel Captain Richard was disabled and adrift. According to the report, the vessel had no fuel and was more than 200 miles from the nearest port.

Shortly after arriving on scene, the combined crew took the 60-foot Captain Richard in tow. The Coast Guard received permission from the Jamaican government to board of the vessel and the boarding team discovered several hundred packages wrapped in plastic wrap and tape. The contents later tested positive for marijuana. The Captain Richard’s crew were taken into custody and transferred to the Mohawk along with the seized marijuana.


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The contents later tested positive for marijuana
You needed to test it? I could do that. I'll do that shit all day.

All that lovely Jamaican gonge...wasted.


LDAR, bitch.
What an efficient use of taxpayer monies.

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Thank God our children are safe from the dangers of jazz music and Jimi Hendrix.
Why not sell it as medical marijuana and offset some of the national debt?
Ohhhh. My bad, I thought they were looking out for us common folk.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Guess there will be a lot less jaman... Jahaman mahn.....


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They just had a $5 million bust at a house near where I live... I really should participate in the local underground economy.


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Thank god, imagine the horror if that got into the country. Imagine all the money big pharma would lose if people could grow their own instead of having to get Vicodin, Codiene, Talwin, Percodan.....


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Don't worry, about a thing. Cause every little thing, gonna be alright.

Damn. That's the good stuff. Not that bullshit Mexican red hair crap.