London Riots: More Master Criminals Arrested

Facing justice, riot rat pack: Suspects accused of four of the week's most infamous crimes are all behind bars

Four of the most notorious faces of the riots were behind bars last night in a victory for the law-abiding majority.
Detectives suspect they are responsible for violent and brazen crimes that shocked the nation during four days of mayhem.
Among them is the suspected leader of a rampaging mob who was arrested over the murder of a ‘hero’ of the London riots.

Ealing murder: A policeman and a passer by kneel by the prone figure of Richard Mannington Bowes (circled) after he was attacked by thugs
The 22-year-old man had been caught on camera in Ealing, West London, close to the stricken body of 68-year-old Richard Mannington Bowes, who was beaten by looters after he challenged them.
In East London a man has been charged with robbing a Malaysian student whose ordeal was caught on camera.

Ashraf Rossli, 20, was rushed to hospital with a broken jaw on Monday after being set upon during London's riots less than a month after arriving in Britain.

Today, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said Reece Donovan, of Milton Court, Cross Road, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex, had been charged with robbing the student.

Donovan, who police said is either 21 or 23 years old, will appear at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court today.
Defendants have ranged from repentant and sobbing, to defiant and remorseless.

This handcuffed yob flicked his middle fingers after being sent to youth custody for four months after admitting a public order offence.

Renaldo Tekle Giorgies, 18, has a nine-day-old baby daughter, but will miss out on her first few weeks after he was identified after threatening police officers.

A remorseless Renaldo Tekl-Giorgies, 18, leaves Westminster Magistrates Court in custody for his crime

And a grinning teenager who posted a photo of himself on Facebook posing with hundreds of pounds of electronic goods, DVDs and computer games looted from HMV in Enfield was also identified and arrested.

The 19-year-old was held in Tottenham after the shocking image was circulated worldwide and became a symbol of the greedy orgy of looting.

Facebook bragger: A man of 19 was arrested after this photo of a looter and his haul appeared online

Meanwhile the young mother who was filmed calmly trying on a pair of trainers she had apparently just looted from a sports shop in Tottenham was remanded in custody.

Shereka Leigh, 22, was warned she could be jailed for more than a year after police discovered the bins outside her council flat were stuffed with empty electronics boxes.

In London, a team of more than 60 detectives are working around the clock to examine thousands of hours of CCTV footage.

Scotland Yard chiefs are quietly confident that the number of people arrested in the capital, currently just over 1,100, could double within a week.

They have modelled their operation on the successful manhunts that followed rioting at student tuition fees demonstrations last year.

Chief constables in other cities struck by rioting, including Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, have set up similar investigation teams.

Bad Samaritan: An injured student is mugged by 'helpers'Police are displaying images of looters on a mobile screen in central Birmingham, while Manchester residents are being urged to ‘shop a looter’.

In London, Mr Mannington Bowes died when his life support machine was turned off in hospital after police traced his family.Police believe their suspect was responsible for leading up to 50 rioting youths rampaging around Ealing Broadway.

The well-built man, pictured with sunglasses on top of his head, was being questioned last night on suspicion of murder, rioting and raiding three shops.

The victim spent three days on a life support machine after suffering terrible head injuries when he was set on by thugs as he tried to stamp out a fire on Monday night.

It took several days for police to identify him because the rioters stole his wallet and other valuables while he lay unconscious on the pavement.

Residents described Mr Mannington Bowes as a civic-minded man of old-fashioned values whose determination to stand up against wrongdoing cost him his life.

London Mayor Boris Johnson called him a ‘hero’ and said he was ‘desperately sorry’ for his death as council leaders said they may name a street after him.

'Shoe looter': Shereka Leigh (centre) was filmed trying on trainers at a looted shop

Detective Chief Inspector John McFarlane, who is investigating the murder, said it was a ‘brutal incident’ and a ‘senseless killing’.

In an unusual move, the officer appealed to other members of the mob to hand over mobile phone footage of the attack.

Mr Mannington Bowes’s sister, mother-of-three Anne Wilderspin, 73, who lost contact with him 30 years ago, said she was proud of his brave actions.

In an interview with ITV News yesterday, she added: ‘I feel sad that all these rioters haven’t found another purpose in life rather than just destructive violence.’

Patrick Kennedy, 68, who lives near the scene of the tragedy, said the victim was a ‘very kind man with old English values’. He added: ‘He set out a moral way of life.’

In Barking, East London, young Malaysian student Mr Rossli was taken to hospital with a broken jaw after being beaten up and robbed of his mobile phone, wallet and portable games console.

Mobile phone footage, showing a pack of youths robbing the bleeding victim of his wallet and phone as they pretended to help him, shocked the country. Among the hooded and masked group, who were armed with knives, were several primary school pupils.

Well-wishers have pledged more than £12,000 after Prime Minister David Cameron said that the attack had left him ‘disgusted’.

The money raised will be used to fly Mr Rossli’s parents to the UK, fix his broken teeth and replace his bicycle and valuables.
In a separate development, the 19-year-old man who became an internet sensation after posing for a photograph with an astonishing haul of loot was arrested at his home yesterday morning.

In a sign that he realised police were closing in, the suspect deleted the photograph – but not before it was spread around the world through social networking sites.

Suspected burglar Shereka Leigh pleaded not guilty when she appeared at City of Westminster magistrates’ court yesterday.

She was filmed trying on a pair of shoes in JD Sports after looters trashed a retail park in Tottenham Hale, North London.

She is also accused of stealing a £429 Samsung notebook from Argos and hair straighteners and computer equipment from Comet.

A judge told Leigh, whose four-year-old son was looked after by a friend after she was arrested, that she must stay in prison until her trial.