Looking for a bed buying advice


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How much markup on them. Most of the mattress/box spring combo I liked where in the $1100 to $1400 range. They said they would knock off 50 bucks. The one I liked was a King Koil brand. Most of the beds in the store where way too soft. The store I looked at was Sleepys.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i have one of those groovie water beds, that and my couch


mattress shopping is tricky, we just bought one a few months ago and got lucky that macys had a deal for a 1200 set for 800.

I would wait for some sort of sale but if you gotta go and do it shop around first, sleepys runs kinda expensive


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I have the Sleep Number bed. I love it but the one I got ran about 3 g's.


I must be on the wrong message board. 3 responses and all serious? "whaa"

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I have the Sleep Number bed. I love it but the one I got ran about 3 g's.
Same here. My wife goes overboard with everything, so the current not-on-sale price for our bed is $4500. We paid considerably less because we shopped at the right time during one of their big sales.


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I have a sleep number bed and I love it. I can't remember what I paid but it was pricey. Its worth it if you have back problems like I do. The ability to adjust your bed lets me sleep much more comfortably. I have had less lower back pain with the sleep number bed.


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I sleep on an Aero bed. One of those that actually blows up to the height of a regular bed. It got a hole, though, so up until recently when I patched it, I used to go to sleep on a full bed and wake up in a 2/3 uninflated mess. I would blow up the bed again with myself on it when I woke up before rolling out.

It was awesome. I say do that.
Insist that you absolutley have to fuck someone on the bed before you buy it. They let you lay down on the mattress and check it out before you buy it, so you ought to be able to make sure it's comfortable in all aspects before you spend your hard-earned money.

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ummmm..... mattresses will vary, the thing about mattresses is that everyone needs one and there are plenty of stores to sell em, so every dealer will undercut every other dealer. all you have to do is negotiate right and i bet you can get 15-20% off of your mattress. Markups vary from a 2-4 mark just depending on the store. generally the more they are willing to negotiate the the higher the markup.